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      Besides landing a paying modeling, acting or other job as a result of being seen on the Supermodeling.TV site by prospective advertisers and project managing movers and shakers, you also have the opportunity to get direct commission sales to make money immediately selling six month Supermodeling.TV subscriptions to to friends and just about anybody that wants a modeling or acting job and for introducing them to Supermodeling.TV you would get a 10% commission for those sales. Also those who join and sell subscriptions are will also get a 10% finders fee from any model management talent contracts from persons who you sold a subscription to. Meaning that if a person as talent contracts with Supermodeling.TV and you were the salesperson they joined through and that person as talent made a hundred thousand dollars then you as the original sales person who sold them their subscription would get 10% of Gross of $10,000 from the contracted 100k payout the person earned. Remember in all pay related circumstances you will be acting in the capacity of an independent contractor and be responsible for paying taxes on all money you would receive.

Models and talent needed, beginners welcome, you can make money right away, its easy and fun. Join us now





   Need to know more, some of you wrote asking for details about the opportunity from an advertisement, if not great you found us;

"Models Actresses, for super fun exhibition videos & movies, part or full time, island-wide. send your photo only .jpg and .gif format, write for details."

   This preliminary information will give you insight to prime you for either fame or fortune. This is a ground floor opportunity where you can make money and its really up to you how much you make. I know you have all heard those words before but they are true here. The advantage of making money this way is it is your key to financial independence and it could also bring you fame.

   What you have to do is want to belong to an elite organization that grows. This is not the average means to get there. What is required is a picture of yourself where you first register and that registration does two things and it is extremely inexpensive just $11 and upon that action you are considered an independent contractor responsible for your own taxes. You may become rich from that $11 you spend because you know two people at least who might join and even if you only had one or two people join Supermodeling that could be enough to make you some real money even wealthy because the one or two people you got to sign on may get an astronomically huge contract and you would get a profit-share of any money they make for 5-10 years being the duration of their contract where it was extended 5 years. When one of the people you signed gets a lucrative contract payment you get 10% of it, imagine that and whats more important is that every person you get to sign-up where they get a contract and get money you get 2% of all the money they make for also 5-10 years as residuals during the lifetime of their contract of 5 years plus a possible extension of 5 years if they get their contract renewed.

   FAME for those that sign-up is possible by their profiles and portfolios sent to the right people where the money is, the deep pockets. The substance of Fame is and always has been who you know and what you know and Supermodeling is your advantage. Being a great model and actor or actress is sometimes entirely personality and you might be one of the lucky ones. There is no guarantee that you will wind up in Hollywood or foreign movies, but you might. If you have an agent, work out a deal between yourselves before and possible mediation may be necessary.

   Get invited to any parties lately worth talking about, meet any VIP's, Stars or the rich and famous, well you might but you have to belong to get invited. Things happen when you get determination with the right kind of action and people who like large media corporations work tirelessly together to make things happen.


1.) Get others to join for your profit for yourself and if you really make an effort you could make substantial money from that alone.

2.) When someone joins as a result of your effort you get approximately %10 or $1 of the $11 dollar semiannual six month fee, and for each person under them to the third level, so conceivably one of the people who joined in with their semi annual fee might sign up thousands of people. Some of you will get rich doing nothing much because you had a go-getters under them and it only takes a few to get you there.

3.) Those who sign up may wind up with lucrative contracts, possibly more money than you would have imagined possible and from them you will get %2 of their net profit for the duration of their 5 year model management contract and if they renew your %2 will continue on during the life of their 10 year contract; that could get your bank account filled up a bit right.

4.) For those that Supermodeling gets them a contract and produce product that is salable over time they will of course receive their compensation for their work being sold and also they will receive residuals from sales again over the course of their 5-10 year contracts. So for the model or actresses that make it doing gigs they can get many years of residuals payments during their contracts lifetime.

   It is easier than you think to get friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers from schools and parties, organizations, business buddies secretaries and just about anyone to sign-up. There are many methods to get people interested, for example by leaving cards with people who you interact with on a daily basis. All it takes is a few hours part time a day or week and carry out the effort of getting sign-ups. All it takes is one person under you who could make real money for you.

   Of course your interested and everybody has some spare time and you may have a few people sign-up and one of them might just be the one who will start a money making chain reaction to get you not only money but potentially Fame too. You might even be the person who may get noticed by the movers, shakers and deep pockets. And who does'nt want money that is almost free for the taking, so get onboard for good times ahead.

   What do you do now, you join Supermodeling. Write back and tell me that you want to join and you will go to the next step. Or you can go always stick with your day job.

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